Brain/Cognitive Support

Brain/Cognitive Support


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Brain health should be on all of our minds –

Our ability to recall, understand and process information is a key part of everyday life and we often find that these abilities decline as we age.


We find it harder to remember simple tasks, to understand instructions – and even more worrying – to recognize friends and family members.  Scary indeed.


This means that brain health should be an important part of your daily routine.  This is especially important in your youth to try and prevent or minimize issues as we age.


You need a powerful nutritional supplement designed to support optimal cognitive performance and prevent neurodegeneration (the decline of brain health) – particularly around learning, memory, focus, concentration and attention in people of all ages, but especially older adults.


Brain/Cognitive Support features several clinically-proven nutrients which have been proven in multiple clinical and pre-clinical studies to prevent and remove the accumulation of toxic proteins in the brain which supports brain health and function.  In other words:


Brain/Cognitive Support improves memory, cognition and learning.‡


Brain/Cognitive Support features medicinal mushrooms and several unique, branded and clinically studied botanical ingredients used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine which have been shown to provide benefit to cognitive health, memory and focus (see Ingredients tab for more information on the branded, clinically-studied ingredients we use in Brain/Cognitive Support).‡


Brain/Cognitive Support will help you:

  • Support your memory‡
  • Support your cognition (understanding)‡
  • Support your attention‡
  • Support your focus‡
  • Support your concentration‡




‡These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Additional information on key ingredients:

Longvida® Optimized Curcumin, based on patent pending discoveries from UCLA, is a revolutionary ingredient for healthy brain aging. UCLA neuroscientists believed curcumin had the potential to support healthy neuro aging. Longvida is the result of over ten years and hundreds of formulas tested in live bioavailability, efficacy and safety models. Patented SLCP™ (Solid Lipid Curcumin Particle) technology gives Longvida the ability to break the blood-brain barrier and reach its target tissues!

Amyloban® Lion’s Mane contains a proprietary extract, also known as amyloban, from the medicinal mushroom Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceum) shown to support nerve cell health. It also contains other active compounds (hericenones) from Lion’s Mane that are also known for healthy brain support. Amyloban® was developed by the Mushroom Wisdom research team in collaboration with leading university researchers in Japan and China.

Bluenesse™ Lemon Balm is an exclusive Melissa officinalis extract developed to support cognitive performance and mental health, as well as reduce the long-term negative physiological effects of stress for overall health. It uniquely combines calming and alertness-increasing effects, providing the ability to deal with complex situations, from a high workload to family issues, in a cool-headed, focused and structured way. Bluenesse™ can be taken on demand – effects are created within one hour of intake and are still measurable after three hours. In vitro and human studies as well as phytochemical investigation confirmed that Bluenesse® supports alertness, concentration, mental focus, working memory and a calm, positive mood.

Bacognize® Bacopa extract is a proprietary, clinically researched extract of Bacopa monnieri that has undergone rigorous scientific validation. Clinical research indicates Bacognize® offers broad benefits for cognitive health, linked to three major neurosupportive mechanisms: neurotransmitter receptor binding activity, antioxidant capacity and anti‐inflammatory activity. Bacognize® supplementation led to significant cognitive improvements in healthy adults, college students and Alzheimer’s disease. Bacognize® supports memory, focus and mood, working through three pathways key for brain health. Bacognize® is standardized by HPLC to contain specific compounds active at the serotonin 1a receptor.

Provinols Red Wine Concentrate is a red wine extract containing 70% polyphenols for nutritional use. This 100% natural product with strong antioxidant properties was developed to provide health benefits of the “French Paradox” to nutritional products. PROVINOLS was developed by the French company VITIMED in collaboration with INRA (French national agricultural research institute). A variety of epidemiological studies have reported a low incidence of cardio-vascular diseases in France compared to other Western countries, despite similar risk factors. This phenomenon is known as the “French Paradox”. It has been correlated to moderate red wine consumption and attributed to the polyphenols contained in wine. PROVINOLS was designed to preserve and concentrate all these polyphenols for use in nutritional formulations. PROVINOLS is a natural, additive-free food product, obtained through simple physical extraction. It preserves all of the many polyphenols in red wine and contains a concentration of 70% polyphenols.


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