Betaine HCL

Betaine HCL


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Indigestion afflicts many of us every day.


You know, that bloated gassy feeling, perhaps burning in the stomach or abdomen, an acidic taste, belching, or even nausea and vomiting.  Not very pleasant at all.



Betaine HCl (hydrochloride) provides support for those suffering from indigestion‡.


The cause of indigestion may be very simple – eating too much too quickly, lying down to soon after a meal, drinking too much alcohol, spicy foods, carbs, and even some prescription medicines can cause indigestion.  You can treat those causes relatively easily – avoidance or moderation.


However, for many the answer is more complex.


Many suffer from low stomach acid, which can lead to indigestion simply because the stomach can’t do the job of properly digesting these foods.  Not only can low stomach acid lead to the discomfort of indigestion, but can also lead to poor absorption of nutrients and vitamin deficiencies.


The causes of low stomach acid can be varied – gall bladder issues (including removal), over use of antacids (which is ironic since antacids are taken to treat the symptoms of indigestion – but can actually cause them), and even normal aging (we typically produce less stomach acid as we age).


Both Betaine HCl and pepsin provide components that support the natural gastric juices produced by the stomach.  These nutrients support the digestion of food, especially in those that suffer from frequent indigestion.‡


Betaine HCl can also be beneficial in those that don’t suffer from indigestion regularly, but may have a tendency to overeat on occasion, or like to eat foods that don’t always agree with them.‡





‡These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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