The human body is one of the more incredible pieces of physical engineering that exists on our planet. Whether you believe in creation by the divine or just appreciate the complexity and function of biology, the function and longevity of human muscles, bones, nervous systems, and everything that makes those parts operate is truly miraculous. Our bodies have resilient bone structures that are operated and supported by muscles and ligaments, all surrounded by a massive network of nerves and blood flow. And every part of our body contributes to our larger body operation and ability, allowing us to run miles and miles, or jump out of airplanes, or do the athletically spectacular.


However, as time goes on and the wear and tear continues on your body, the weakest links can start to suffer. Our bones are incredibly strong, as are the muscles and ligaments that connect them. But the points at which they connect to other bones and body parts, our joints, can start to degrade and deteriorate as we age and exeter our bodies. Many of our joints are held together with small and very specific ligaments, as well as tendons, muscles, and cartilage. And with the physical strain and effort that many of us put our bodies under, or simply the length of time with which our bodies have to support themselves, these weaker and more tender points can start to struggle. This can lead to joint pain, limited physical mobility, and a difficult quality of life at times. But this doesn’t have to be the case forever. Our teams at Progressive Laboratories have been manufacturing and developing professional high-grade supplements since 1972, and with reliable success both for patients and for doctors, our Joint Supplements could be just what you need to get your joints and body back into a physically reliable state. Keep reading to learn more about our joint supplement options, and how they might be able to improve your daily life.

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Freedom of Mobility

The freedom and ability to physically move is something many of us have the privilege to appreciate in our lives. It’s something that we might not even understand how much we rely on, until we have an injury or chronic pain that makes physical mobility much less possible. There are a number of things that we can do to continue this freedom of movement, like taking care of our bodies, and providing them the right “ingredients” they need to not only be strong, but stay strong. Supplements can offer a more concentrated form of these nutrients and proteins that support joint health, which can improve and extend this period of mobility that most of us are lucky to have.

Natural Joint Decline

No matter how fit and conscious you may be now about your physical fitness and joint health, everyone experiences the physical effects of aging in some form or another. And one the more common experiences is the decline of your joints ability and health. Over time, the fluid that essentially lubricates your joints and the cartilage that supports them declines over time. This, combined with your ligaments naturally losing their flexibility over the years, makes your joints much stiffer, meaning more pain and less efficiency when you try to move them around as you normally would have. As frustrating as the natural decline of your joints may be, you can take steps to limit the problems this decline causes, and supplement your joints with joint supplements.


Joint-Soothing Proteins

Your body uses a variety of different nutrients and proteins in order to support itself and its varying functions. Even for as incredible as your joints and their supporting nutrients are, they can struggle to do a good enough job over time or after consistent wear and tear, making your joints stiffen and grind, causing you pain and limiting your mobility. If we can provide our bodies with a more effective and concentrated form of these proteins and nutrients, we can offer the support our joints need to support our bodies and movements. Our supplements offer a variety of these concentrated nutrients, like Natural Eggshell Membranes (NEM®), a composition of proteins compounds that can help rebuild cartilage and connective tissue, compounds like chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, and collagen.

Why Joint Supplements?

There are a variety of ways you can take care of your joints, so what makes joint supplements so special? Well, in reality, most of the other methods of improving joint mobility and limiting pain involve braces that simply mitigate the pain or offer pseudo-support, or painkillers that deal with the symptoms rather than the issues. Supplements are a concentrated and ingestible form of the vitamins and nutrients that our joints need to effective support themselves and us. By making easily accessible nutrients in a pill form, joint supplements can offer simple rehabilitative solutions from the inside of our bodies, giving our joints what they need to keep working, rather than just limiting the pain and letting the issue worsen.


Why Progressive Consumer Joint Supplements?

There are a lot of joint supplements on the market, so what exactly makes Progressive Consumer Joint Supplements so great? The quality of our supplements and the length of time we have been providing them is really the thing that really sets us apart from the rest. Since 1972, our laboratories have been producing and manufacturing high quality supplements for a variety of body issues and supportive functions. We use only the highest quality ingredients in our supplements, and because of that, our products have been used by both patients and doctors in the healthcare field for almost 50 years now. You might be able to find a cheaper joint supplement on the market, but we are sure that you won’t be able to find a better one.

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Joint Supplements from Progressive Consumer

Your physical mobility is a gift and a privilege that you only get to appreciate when you start to lose it. Joint pain and joint issues can make you feel lie you are down the path of no return, but all hope is not lost. The right kind of joint supplements can offer your body the relief and support it needs to keep appreciating that privilege and improve your quality of life. Give us a call and see how our team can help you!

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