FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long will my supplements last?

Most of our products have a 2 year use-by date (expiration date) from the date of manufacture – when stored properly (cool, dry place, away from light in the original closed container).  The expiration and/or date of manufacture is noted on the bottom of the bottle.

Remember, we manufacture all of our products, so when you purchase from us you are assured to get the freshest product available.

How long will it take before I feel any affect from your supplements?

Every supplement is unique as is the reaction of each individual to supplements.  There are some supplements, such as melatonin for sleep, that will have an almost immediate benefit.  Most supplements, however, work with your body over time to provide benefit, and as a result, improvements take place over time.

Why isn’t my powder bottle full?

Well, for a couple of reasons.  First, the manufacturing process requires that we fill most bottles to about 75% full to allow for best filling results.  Second, shipping will frequently compact the powder even further.  All powder bottles are filled by weight, and not by volume.

The serving size of my powder product says 30 servings per container, but I only got 28.  What’s up?

This is related to the question above.  As the powder settles it becomes denser, so the normal scoop is now taking more powder than when manufactured.  So, for best results, shake or agitate the bottle prior to scooping to return the powder to its original density (fluff it up).

Also, people have different scooping techniques.  Some like rounded scoops, others very level scoops.  This also can have an impact of the number of servings per container.

I’m used to seeing probiotics kept refrigerated, but Progressive’s Broad Spectrum Probiotic isn’t recommended to be kept refrigerated.  Why is that?

Most probiotics need to be kept refrigerated to maintain potency.  However, we utilize unique strains of probiotics and a unique manufacturing process that makes our Broad Spectrum Probiotic not only shelf stable (meaning no refrigeration), but also stable enough to survive the stomach acid and deliver the probiotics to the intestines where they are needed.

Should I refrigerate my supplements?

In most cases, no.

While there are certain supplements (like some probiotics, SAMe, etc.) that will benefit from refrigeration, refrigerating most supplements can actually shorten the shelf life.  This is a result of the moisture the capsules can absorb when removed from a cold environment and the bottle is opened in a warm, often higher humidity environment, and then returned to the refrigerator (think of the condensation that occurs on a bottle of cola removed from the fridge and placed on the counter for even a few minutes).  This can lead to a degradation of the capsules and their contents, and may result in discoloration, speckling, etc.

What are “Other Ingredients” I often see listed on the label?

The important, active ingredients for each product is listed on the Supplement Fact/Nutrition Fact panel.  However, we often list “Other Ingredients” below that panel.  These ingredients will include the components of the capsule shell such as gelatin, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (from vegetable capsule), and other supporting ingredients.

While we do our best to keep Other Ingredients to a minimum, they are sometimes necessary to assure proper manufacturing.  These can include silica, leucine, rice flour, vegetable lubricants, etc.  Any and all “Other Ingredients” are safe and approved for use in dietary supplements by the FDA.

When should I take my supplements?

Please follow the directions on the label, however, most (but not all) of our supplements are formulated to be taken twice a day, normally morning and evening.   Generally, vitamins and mineral supplements should be taken with meals, and others between meals.

Can I take your supplements if I am pregnant or lactating/breast feeding?

Given the potential interactions, we do not recommend that patients who are pregnant and/or lactating/breast feeding take any supplements.  Please consult your healthcare professional for more information.

Will my supplements interact with medications?

Supplements can often interact with various prescription and over the counter medications.  In some case these interactions reduce the effectiveness of the medication, in others they may enhance the effectiveness of those medicines.  If you are taking medication, please consult your healthcare professional prior to consuming any dietary supplements.

Are your products gluten-free?

While we do our best to use ingredients which are gluten free, non-GMO, allergen free, dairy free, etc., this is not always possible.  We will note the status of those factors on the label.

Are your ingredients certified organic?

We strive to use organic sources for the botanicals used in our formulations, however, that is not always possible.  In addition, many of our formulations use other ingredients which cannot be certified as organic.  Therefore, we do not certify our products as organic.

Who manufactures your products?

We manufacture all of our products in our 220,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility in Dallas, Texas under strict compliance with FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).  We are regularly inspected by both the FDA and Texas Department of Health, and are third-party GMP certified by Underwriters Laboratories,Inc. (UL)( https://crs.ul.com/en/industries/dietary-supplements/) and certified free of banned and harmful substance by Informed Choice (https://www.informed-choice.org/manufacturers?title=Progressive).

Where do you obtain your ingredients?

We source the highest quality ingredients possible from vetted and approved distributors located within the United States.  Those ingredients are obtained from all over the world from the best manufacturers we can find.  Each and every raw material we purchase is thoroughly tested for quality and potency to our rigorous standards exceeding those of the FDA, before they are released for use in production.

Are your supplements Kosher/Halal?

No, we do not certify our supplements as Kosher or Halal.

Can I overdose on supplements?

The nature of dietary supplements, and our formulations in specific, means that they are very safe and “overdosing” (as you could do with a pharmaceutical) is very, very unlikely.  Taking an occasional extra dose of our supplements will not result in any long-term negative effects.

Over-consumption may lead to gastrointestinal discomfort or upset, or other symptoms, depending on the supplement taken, amount taken, the period of time for the over-consumption and individual sensitivities.  If you are concerned about an over-consumption episode, please contact your healthcare provider.

I have problems taking capsules.  Any suggestions?

It is possible to separate the capsule halves and empty the powder onto food or into water or another beverage for easier consumption.  Please be aware, however, that some of the ingredients may have a very strong flavor or other factors which may cause stomach upset or other issues when taken in this manner.

Softgels (capsules filled with liquid) can be punctured and the contents extracted.  However, the softgel contents are usually oily and can be difficult, if not impossible to remove completely and consume.  So, we don’t recommend you try that with softgels.

Many of your products contain herbal extracts.  What are those?

Many herbal ingredients are used because that particular herb/plant contains an active ingredient that is desirable (ginkgosides from ginkgo leaves for example).  An herbal powder (just the plant dried and pulverized) will contain that active ingredient.  But differences in growing seasons, processing, etc. means that active ingredient may not be found in a consistent concentration.  Also, the scientific studies of that active ingredient may call for a dose that would mean consuming large quantities of the herb/botanical powder to have any positive benefit.

Herbal extraction is a process where the active ingredient is extracted from the source botanical and then concentrated.  For example, 24 pounds of ginkgo leaves are used to make 6 pounds of the ginkgo powder we use in our products.  This allows us to use far less of that ingredient in our formula to obtain benefit, and also standardizes the material so that active component is precise.

I see many other names for ingredients in your formulas.  Why is that?

Many of the ingredients we use are branded and trademarked, and are also known by that name.  For example, the curcumin extract we use in Bio-Curcumin is trademarked as BCM-95®.  This is a very important distinction.

A branded ingredient may be the same base ingredient as the non-branded version (BCM-95® curcumin, Bluenesse® lemon balm, etc.), but the manufacturer has developed a unique manufacturing process and performed clinical studies to support the benefit of their material when compared to the non-branded, generic version.

In addition, we often use unique ingredients that have been developed and studied that do not have a non-branded equivalent (NEM® natural egg-shell membrane, UC-II® collagen).  We utilize these ingredients because their benefits are supported by scientific, clinical studies.

Can I still use my product if it is expired?

While our products don’t become harmful beyond the expiration date, they do begin to lose potency beyond the use by (expiration) date. Generally speaking,vitamins andprobioticsand fish oils, krill oils, etc. should be used as soon as possible as they do begin to lose potency.  Minerals have a much longer shelf life, and will likely have full potency for up to a year after expiration.

Can I give my supplements to children?

We do have supplements that are designed for children.  However, we do not recommend giving supplements not specifically designed for children to anyone under the age of 18. Check with your healthcare provider.

Can I give these supplements to pets?

Our products are not formulated for pets, though some products may be beneficial for pets.  Please consult your vet for specific pet uses.