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As we go through every day, sometimes our body can struggle to keep up. Whether it’s missing a few hours of sleep from a busy work week, or feeling extremely dehydrated at the end of the day, or even skipping a meal or two to get something done, sometimes we are so busy living, that we forget or procrastinate the critical things that our bodies need.

As energetic, excited, or determined as our minds might be towards a task, we are still beholden to our bodies and their mortal requirements. And when our bodies struggle to keep up with our daily routines or mental energy, we certainly feel the repercussions.

We have all felt tired and unmotivated, hungry and angry (“hangry”), dehydrated and weak. A stomach ache might not seem too bad, but when it can limit our body and potentially consumes our thoughts, it’s clear that our physical well-being is pretty important to stay on top of. But staying on top of that, in addition to all of the other responsibilities and concerns on your plate is much easier said than done.

That’s where the supplements from Progressive Consumer come in. Our laboratories have been crafting professional-grade supplements since 1972, researching, manufacturing, and distributing supplements all over the country, to doctors and patients alike. Keep reading to learn more about our digestive support dietary supplements, and how they might be able to support the health of your body.

Digestive issues?

Our dietary supplements can help.


A Healthy Digestive Tract

Every part of your digestive system is crucial to your day-to-day life. From your esophagus to your stomach to your appendix to your anus and all the intestines in between, this system services the critical function of processing and utilizing the food and drink we consume every day. The health and function of this entire system is fundamental to our overall body health, Every organ, tissue, and substance in our digestive system plays an important role in helping our body take care of itself and maintain its health.

Dietary “Maintenance”

However, with all of these important and interconnected parts of our digestive system, a lot can still go wrong or not function properly without diligent maintenance. Consider your car: it has a lot of moving parts that work together to get you to and from places. And while you drive it around, you are rarely thinking about those parts. But if you don’t take the time and concerted effort to maintain those parts, and give them the service/fuel/support they need to keep operating effectively, your car is more likely to break down. The parts of your digestive system work the exact same, and you are responsible for the fuel, support maintenance that these parts need, so your body won’t break down like a car.


Enzymes, Probiotics, and More

Every human being and their body is slightly different, which means everyone needs slightly different things to keep a healthy digestive system operating. But there are certain vitamins, nutrients, and other substances that all of our body’s need, because they support critical digestive processes. Enzymes support our digestion process and help us break down and extract the necessary elements of the food we eat, like proteins, amino acids, lipids, carbs, etc. Probiotics are considered a bacteria, but they balance out the “good” and “bad” bacteria in our bodies, as well as supporting the physical process of digestion.

Why Supplements?

These parts of our digestive system do critical work for our bodies, but getting the right fuel that gives our digestive system the best chance at operating effectively and efficiently is not easy. We all try to eat healthy and balanced diets at some point in our lives, but getting the right balance of different foods, as well as maintaining that to see the effects, is much easier said than done. Supplements offer a simpler way to get a concentrated amount of these critical nutrients, bacteria, and substances that keep our digestive system up and running.


Why Progressive Consumer Dietary Supplements?

Why use our dietary supplements though? The thing that sets Progressive Consumer apart from your typical dietary supplement provider is our quality. In addition to our quality assurance, Progressive Laboratories has been developing and manufacturing nutritional supplements used by doctors and healthcare professionals since 1972. That’s almost 50 years of making the highest-quality supplements in use, and now we want to offer that to the public. We don’t just try to hit a price point — we work to create a formula that will actually do the job.

A step above your normal supplements

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Dietary Supplements from Progressive Consumer

Your digestive system plays a critical role in your life, whether you think about it or not. And unfortunately, you are usually thinking about it when you are in pain, discomfort, or tired from the effects of not maintaining it. Don’t let your digestive issues take over your life. Check out our selection of dietary supplements and see which one can offer the support, relief, and nutrients your digestive system needs. Or give us a call and see how our team can help you!

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