The Power of Elderberry For Your Immune System

Since the days of cavemen and prehistoric times, the human race and the human body has relied on a variety of flowers, plants, and fruits spread throughout the world. Whether it’s been for cooking, digestion, pain, poison, healing, or something else entirely, the human usage of plants for nutritional and health purposes has been a habit as old as time, from spinach to elderberries. In the modern era however, we have progressed past the days of hunters and gatherers, and we now have entire industries devoted to providing the benefits that these plants have provided our ancestors for millennia. And we aren’t just making teas or crushing up plants anymore.


We have new and advanced methods, to get the peak efficiency out of these nutritional plants and the benefits they provide. A common form of providing these benefits is through nutritional supplements — putting all the beneficial power and healthy support of these plants into an easy-to-swallow pill. That way everyone can easily reap the benefits of these plants in a simple format, without having to dig up their backyard trying to find the right plant. That’s the role of Progressive Labs. We have an incredible selection of high-quality nutritional supplements that offer incredible health benefits for you and your body. And our black elderberry supplement is one of our best. Keep reading to learn more about our elderberry dietary supplement, and what sets us apart from other nutritional supplements.

What Are the Health Benefits of Elderberry?

The black elderberry, also known in the scientific community as Sambucus nigra, is a species of flowering plant native mostly  to Europe and North America. While the shrub is noted as poisonous for most animals, and as a weed in some habitats, the plant has provided an incredible variety of potential health benefits for humans. Extracts from the flower and fruit have been used for their medicinal properties for hundreds of years, including treating respiratory and gastrointestinal disorders, as well as fighting viral infections, like fevers, colds, and influenza. 

And in recent clinical studies, elderberry extracts have shown to be a very useful tool in supporting a healthy immune system on a consistent basis.


These potential health benefits of elderberry come from the flavonoids that are infused in the black elderberry fruit, as well as a variety of other fruits and vegetables. Flavonoids are a diverse grouping of phytonutrients, which is a scientific way of saying a type of plant chemical, and they are responsible for the bright colors of fruits and vegetables. But research has shown that flavonoids might also be responsible for some of the health benefits that come with a fruit and vegetable rich diet, including immune system health. Elderberry fruits contain a certain type of potent flavonoid antioxidants called anthocyanins, which gives the elderberry fruit its characteristic deep purple color. These anthocyanins have also been shown to have immunostimulant effects – effects that offer continual support to the immune system, and potentially limit any exposure to a variety of illnesses.

Why Elderberry Supplements from Progressive Labs?

At Progressive Labs, we understand that we are not the only nutritional supplement company out there, nor are we the cheapest. But we also understand that we are one of the best at doing it, by using some of the best, clinically-tested ingredients, and doing our best to provide quality nutritional supplements to our clients. And our Elderberry Nutritional Supplement Capsules are one of the best examples of that quality. These capsules utilize the immunostimulant effects of anthocyanins in non-GMO elderberries, to provide the support your immune system needs, year-round. Our capsules also utilize an important addition of Vitamin C and Vitamin D, to enhance the immunostimulant effects of the anthocyanins. 


A compromised or naturally weak immune system can leave you vulnerable to a variety of infections and illnesses, no matter what time of year it is. And these illnesses can have a pretty debilitating effect on your body, and your life. But an Elderberry Capsule from Progressive Labs might be able to help provide the ultimate support your body needs to improve the strength of its immune system and to fight off infection. As a healthcare practitioner brand, Progressive Labs has been creating high-quality nutritional supplements since 1972, providing our nutritional supplements to doctors and their patients. Our products are sourced with the best ingredients, as well as being based on and supported by a variety of clinical studies. 

We might not offer the cheapest nutritional supplements on the market, but that extra money is going to the years of extra design put into creating an effective supplement, the dedication to providing it to doctors who want it, and the time it takes to find only the best ingredients possible. Contact Progressive Labs today and see how our line of nutritional supplement products can help you live your life.

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