About Us

About Us

Progressive Laboratories was founded in 1972 to provide nutritional supplements to doctors and their patients


There is a significant philosophical difference in the design, development and formulation of nutritional supplements targeted for doctors and for those targeted for the general consumer market (think Big Box Stores).


Consumer-oriented supplements are designed for primarily one thing – to generate profit. While we all have to make a profit to survive, this frequently means that those products are developed to hit a price point.


What that means is that many consumer products don’t necessarily use the best ingredients available, or include them in amounts that have been clinically studied to be beneficial.


Instead they often use ingredients that are known to be beneficial, but use a fraction of the clinically-studied beneficial amount to cut costs, but still be able to show them on the label.


That is the key difference between Progressive Labs formulations and the other consumer products. Since we began as a healthcare practitioner brand (and still have a practitioner-only brand) we take the extra effort to source the best ingredients possible, and create innovative consumer-oriented products that are based on, and supported by, science.


We still have our line of healthcare professional-only products – Progressive Professional – and we have taken the same philosophy and dedication to quality that is the foundation of the Progressive Professional line and applied that to our line of supplements designed for the educated, discerning consumer.


As a result, Progressive Labs formulas are not going to be the cheapest on the market, but we are confident that you will benefit from the years of design and dedication to doctors. And isn’t that what it is all about?